Deploy Release Step - let calling deployment finish while called deployment still running

I have a project “Deploy all” that deploys a web site, and another project “Run Selenium tests” that runs UI tests on that web site. “Run Selenium tests” can run for many hours.

I would like to start the project “Run Selenium tests” project automatically after the “Deploy all” project has finished. So I added a step to the very end of the “Deploy all” project that uses the Deploy Release Step to start the “Run Selenium tests” project.

This works fine, except that after the “Deploy all” project has kicked off the “Run Selenium tests” project, the Dashboard continues to show the “Deploy all” project in the running state (with the blue spinner). This will make our QA people think that the web site is still being deployed, while in fact it has already been deployed.

Is it possible to use the Deploy Release Step asynchronously? That is, it starts the target project and then allows the calling project to continue executing and terminate. So in my case, the “Deploy all” project would start the “Run Selenium tests” project and then terminate. So the Dashboard will show that “Deploy all” has finished, while “Run Selenium tests” is still running.


I understand exactly what you mean.

The Deploy Release step does not have an option to fire-and-forget a deployment. However, there is a Chain Deployment step from the community library which does support triggering a deployment asynchronously. This step will be available in your Octopus instance,.

If you use this step, you can configure the Scheduling parameter to Queue Immediately which will queue the child deployment, but not wait for it to complete.

I’d love to hear if this works for you?

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