Deploy Package to cloud hosted instance of octopus server


I am evaluating the cloud hosted version of octopus deploy. We are currently running an on premise version of the tool, and have been for several years. Anyway, in the cloud hosted version, is there a way to run the “deploy a package” step on the cloud instance? We are needing this step so that we can run the “redgate deploy from package” step. Also, is there a dedicated outbound ip address that I can use to create a firewall rule in azure sql server?


Hi @cgipson

Thanks for getting in touch!

For your first question, the answer is a no for the moment. We are investigating ways of making steps that require packages to be deployed on server a workable option for Octopus Cloud, but at this stage you will need another VM. You could, depending on your security rules) us the database server itself, however I do understand that this is not always possible.

As for dedicated IP’s, while that feature is not immediately available it is definitely not far away (weeks, potentially days). Keep an eye out as we will be announcing the feature as soon as it’s ready.

Sorry that I don’t have the answers you are looking for, please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.


Thanks for the information.

I will keep a lookout.

I have one more question though. We are also using the redgate – deploy from packages. Do your octopus servers have the ability to run these packages? They utilize SQLCMD to hit Azure SQL databases.

Once again, thanks. My company has been happy Octopus Deploy users for a few years now.

Hi @cgipson

The Octopus Cloud instances do not natively have SQLCMD installed on them. You have a few options though:

  • install it (idempotently) on demand at the start of your deployment process. It will need to be a privileged (non admin) install though, as permissions are limited.
  • setup your own Worker/Tentacle that has the tools pre-installed

We are currently discussing the ability to use customer-provided container images and dynamically spin up a Worker, but we don’t have an ETA for this (or even a firm decision that we will implement it).

Hope that helps!