Client Version 6.7 DefaultSpaceNotFoundException

When using the 6.7 client against an old version of the server an i can no longer trigger a deployment.

I get a DefaultSpaceNotFoundException.

My Octopus instance does not have spaces!

The stack trace is:

Octopus.Client.Exceptions.DefaultSpaceNotFoundException: Couldn't find a default space while trying to create or modify , this could either mean that the default space has been disabled, or you do not have access to the default space.
   at Octopus.Client.Repositories.BasicRepository`1.<>c__DisplayClass12_0.<CheckSpaceResource>b__2()
   at Octopus.Client.RepositoryScope.<>c__DisplayClass8_0.<Apply>b__2()
   at Octopus.Client.RepositoryScope.Apply(Action`1 whenSpaceScoped, Action whenSystemScoped, Action whenUnspecifiedScope)
   at Octopus.Client.Repositories.BasicRepository`1.Create(TResource resource, Object pathParameters)

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry that you are having problems.

The issue here is that the 6.7 client is only compatible with Spaces versions of Octopus (so 2019.2 and later), as outlined on our compatibility page. If you have a read of that link you should be able to identify which version of the client you need.

If you have any other questions please let me know.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for this.

It’s just been luck that until now everything has worked as expected :smiley:

We have scheduled the 2019.3.* upgrade for next week, so this problem should go away after that :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,

Great news, thanks for letting me know!

If there is anything we can help with during the upgrade feel free to reach out,


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