Can't download Tentacle for old version of Octopus

I am using an old version of Octopus Deploy (2018.6.10) and when I try and download a tentacle, the link is now broken -

I can see there is a new page to download tentacles (Download Octopus Tentacle - Octopus Deploy) but how can I know which version of the tentacle is compatible with my old version of Octopus Server?

Hi @codedemonuk,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Typically, the latest version of Tentacle should work fine with any previous versions of Octopus Server.
We have a compatibility matrix available that details this: Compatibility - Octopus Deploy


Thank you - that compatibility matrix is really helpful.

It would be helpful if the download page could let me know which versions of Octopus Server the currently selected Tentacle download version was compatible with.

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