Cannot upload large Nuget packages

I am using Octopack 3.6.4 to push a reasonably large Nuget package (40MB) to Octopus 2019.11.0, but it is failing with a 404 Not Found when it attempts to verify the successful upload:

"D:\BuildAgent\work\640776fcc94a4934\packages\OctoPack.3.6.4\build\nuget.exe" push "D:\BuildAgent\work\640776fcc94a4934\WebAPI\obj\octopacked\MyProject.Api.12.7.2-rc0007.nupkg" API_KEY -Source
NuGet Version: (Custom build for OctoPack. See
Pushing MyProject.Api.12.7.2-rc0007.nupkg to ''...
NotFound 9955ms
Response status code does not indicate success: 404 (Not Found).

This looks pretty much like the 30MB NuGet package limit referred to in 404 with Octo Push, except we are not hosting behind IIS. What’s the current advice concerning Nuget package size limits?

Oh never mind - Octopack wanted the server URL to be, not just as it seems to be in most other places.

Hi David,

Glad you managed to get it sorted, think we’ve all run into that particular issue at least once :slight_smile:


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