Build Information - Display Bug or?

See screenshots, the build metadata was sent over using Devops task OctopusMetadata v4.1.431
which interestingly shows this in its logs
“Detected Octopus server version doesn’t support the Build Information API.”
“Connected to an Octopus server that supports the BuildInformation API. It is recommended you move to using the BuildInf…”

Now you can see in the screen of the package repository under the packages build information you can see the work item but in the second screen of the package build information on the release screen the work item are is blank.
Is something miss-configured or is there a bug in the release UI?

Hi PMSwetz,

There is a currently open bug that I think is related to your issue.

The short version of the bug is:
Within Devops, if a linked Work Item is located in a different project, or if the linked Work Item doesn’t exist (only applicable when running “GIT Commit”) then the entire Work Item message does not display in Octopus.

Can you confirm if this is the case for the work items you have linked?

I look forward to hearing back from you.



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