Best approach to run integration tests from Octopus?

Hi guys, i have an API hosted in Azure and the current status of my pipeline looks like this:

Local > VSTS Git > Octopus > Azure (Dev, Stg, Prod environments)

Currently this is deploying automatically to Dev after each push to the repository.

My goal is to add a step in Octopus to run Integration Tests after the deployment, and if the tests succeed, deploy automatically to Stage.

Are there any suggested tools / approach to achieve this?

I have a license of SoapUI Pro, but i’m not sure if its supported by Octopus.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Emiliano,

Thank you for your question.

Running tests is typically performed by a build server rather than directly by Octopus Deploy. If you are already building your application in an external tool which pushes packages to Octopus, that may also be a good place to run the tests.

That said, t is certainly possible to run tests in Octopus. Are you already using a framework or tool for running integration tests? We have community-contributed steps for running the most popular unit tests frameworks, which are MSTest, NUnit and xUnit. Just search for the name of your test framework when selecting a step to add to your deployment process, and the contributed step should appear.

We don’t have any built-in or community contributed steps for running tests with SoapUI. However, if SoapUI can be configured to run your tests from the command line, you can do that within a script step.

Let me know how it goes, or if I can assist you further!


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