As a non-administrator, you can only request your own permissions


Just been updated to 2019.2.4, but as a System Manager I now can’t see the permissions of users.


Is this intentional? It’s a bit prohibitive as on the Cloud instance I am the highest admin level I can be and not seeing what someone can do is a bit meh.



Hi Matt,

Thanks for getting in touch. That’s totally our bad, we did notice this a while back even started down a fix but got side tracked with other high priority work and forgot to ship it.

The issue is here I’ll leave myself a reminder to get back to you when this ships and can be expected to arrive in Octopus Cloud.

You will have the ability to edit permissions of users without seeing a summary, if you do need help to get the export or to trouble shoot permissions issues send us an email inviting us into your cloud instance and we will be able to do the exports for you before we ship the fix.


Hi Nick,

That’s awesome thanks. I couldn’t find anything here, but forgot to check GitHub.

We don’t need the export urgently, it was just dead during a demo of the awesome permissions page.


The ability for a Hosted Octopus customer to do permission exports was part of 2019.2.8.

Thanks Nick, I can confirm it’s working on our instance so problem solved :slight_smile: