Applying Retention Policy in parallel with remaining non-package steps


The acceptance stage of my build takes about 19 minutes and 5 minutes is applying retention policies. This is all done in one machine where Octopus Server sits. Is there any way to run retention policies while acceptance tests are running? My tests only kick off after useless waiting for retention policies to finish… Is there any reason retention policies are so slow? There is about 20 packages in my set up.

Kris K.

Sorry, ignore this all. It looks like it’s antivirus fault. After turning it off the deployment takes no more than 10 minutes.
Kris Kraszewski

Hi Krzysztof,

Thanks for letting us know. Could you send me the task log from the section that is running slowly? I thinking that putting a message in the log that AV could be the cause if it slow.

Robert W