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I’ve issue to run API from swagger. The Swagger shows API url as https://xxxxxxxxx.com/owp/api/projects/all However, the correct url is "https://xxxxxxxxx.com/api/projects/all
I dont know where the swagger gets “owp” as a result I’m getting “The resource you requested was not found.” error.

Hi @endashaw.adane

Thanks for getting in touch about your issue with the API and swagger. Sorry to hear you’ve run into a problem.

I’ll be happy to dig deeper into this for you. To help me understand the situation and to help with my investigation, could you tell me where you see this error? Did you use the link to the API swagger page from within the Octopus UI? If so, please show me where the incorrect URL is appearing.


Hi @stuart.mcilveen,

Thanks for the response! As you can see in the below screenshot, the API url contains “owp”


Thanks for sending that screenshot, it really helped point me in the right direction here.

Thank you also for your patience with me on this. I’ve managed to re-create your issue on my own instance of Octopus, and I’ll explain why it happens and how to fix it.

This error happens when you have more than one binding set up within the Octopus Manager. The /owp base URL you can see in your screenshot (under the Octopus Server API text near the top) is taken from your first binding within the Octopus Manager.

For example; when I set up the bindings with https://localhost/owp at the top I get the same /owp base URL appearing within swagger.

If I swap the bindings around so that http://localhost/ is at the top, the /owp base URL stops appearing within swagger.

You can change your bindings here:


Please try this and let me know how you get on.


Hi @stuart.mcilveen ,

That’s perfect! I’ve similar setting as you explained. I’ve managed that now and working fine. Thank for your support!


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Brilliant, thank you for letting me know you’ve got it working!


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