Add active directory group to team UI is broken

We are unable to add active directory groups to teams. This broke many releases ago, but we are currently on 2019.7.12

When you search for a team, by full or partial name, no results are returned.

We have used this functionality many times in the past, and never had any issues with it.

We can add teams just fine when using the add team api programatically, but the UI does not work.

Using the chrome dev tools, the api appears to return empty results

Hi @estubbs

Thanks for getting in touch!

I’ve done some testing on this side and both authentication and group searching are working correctly with Octopus 2019.7.12. What I would suggest as a first port of call for both would be to run through our AD Troubleshooting docs page and let me know if anything presents as an issue.

I suspect both of your issues have the same underlying problem so if we want to just use this thread as a point of contact that would be great for now.

I look forward to hearing from you,