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We currently use on-prem Octopus Deploy. Now we would like to explore using Octopus Cloud. Question1: Can the on-prem and Cloud instances be aware of each other with regard to things like infrastructure and/or deployments? Question2: Where would I find guidance on the migration process from on-prem to cloud? Thanks so much.

Hi @dholmes! Apologies for not responding sooner, I think your question just got missed because it was on an old ticket.

Great to hear that you’re interested in migrating to Octopus Cloud. We are currently in the process of developing some additional tooling to help support these migrations. Regarding your first question: There’s currently no way for 2 separate instances to be in sync like you’ve suggested.

Guidance for migrating between on-prem and cloud often is unique per customer. It usually depends on things like:

  • How many deployment targets do you currently have/use?
  • How much storage does your current on-prem instance use for packages, etc.?
  • Is your on-prem instance set up with High Availibility? If so, what is current Task cap?
  • How frequently are you currently deploying? How often do you expect to be deploying after your migration?

These questions help us guide you with a migration plan. Also, if you’d prefer we can set up a Zoom call to chat about it and answer questions. Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in.

Thanks. Hope this helps!