A way to see what machine roles are assigned to what projects?

Is their a quick way to pull what environment/machine ROLES are assigned to ? I was wondering if their was already a script available to pull the projects these roles are tied to or the processes inside the projects ? Thanks.


Thanks for getting in touch! The only way to pull projects based on which roles they use would be through the REST API. You’d need to get every project > deployment process > roles used on it. Unfortunately my searching didn’t reveal any example scripts to do this. You can check out our API wiki page if it helps get you started. :slight_smile:

And you can refer to other example scripts in our API repo.

We are currently working on an enhancement to make roles a first class citizen, in the sense that they will likely be treated in a similar way to tags. This should then be a simple API call. It’s still in the early days of development, so we don’t have an ETA or a specific picture on what the final result will look like, but it should make this task a whole lot easier.

Sorry it’s not better news, but I hope this helps! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.

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