2018.7.14 Is it possible to make the Task History more visible in the Task Summary?

I have gotten several comments from my colleagues that the deployment view is rather unclear. One colleague used half an hour searching for the Task History (he didn’t know it was called Task History nor did he see it) before he asked me.

The right column in the Task Summary which contains deployment history does not separate itself from the rest of the view, especially on a screen with a high resolution (see attachment) due to amount of white space which makes it seems there’s not point of moving your eyes to the right of the screen.

Is it possible to add design elements which emphasizes the right column somehow? Or is it more natural to have the right column on the left of The Task Summary?

Like it is now:

Is this somewhat better?:

Hi Harald,

Thanks for getting in touch.

That’s interesting (and very valid) feedback. The information in the sidebar (right hand column) is reserved for secondary information. However we can definitely see your point about high resolution monitors and the potential for confusion, due to the sheer amount of whitespace you can encounter here.

We think this is an issue on the task page because it’s a full-width page, whereas other pages that implement this sidebar pattern are contained to a max-width of 1280px, so it’s not as easy to miss.


We like the idea of drawing more attention to the right-hand column in this case, but we’re not sure yet on the best way to achieve this. Moving it to the left may help in the case of ultra-wide monitors, but then it may lessen (or confuse) the experience for smaller monitors, as the primary information here is the task progress information contained in the summary tab.

We’ve made an internal issue with the usability team to investigate some options here and we’ll see what we can do.


Which side the information is on, is not the goal though. If the visibility can improve a lot more then I’ve gained what I wanted.