Zip my complete code solution and send to cotopus server on publish

HI ,

I want to zip my complete code solution and send to octopus server whenever i am doing publish from my visual studio. Please help.


Thanks for getting in touch! Could you tell me about your solution, what build server you use and what format you would like to zip in, and I should be able to assist with some guides, videos and documentation.
The more information you can give me the more specific I can be :slight_smile:


Hi ,

I m using visual studio online. I am not using any build server for this project. I want to handle this on my visual studio publish or build. The format of the package can be nuget or zip,

Hi there,

You could modify the post-build events of your project in Solution -> Right click on [project] -> Properties -> Build Events -> Post build event command line and add a command that calls Octo.exe pack to create the package and then Octo.exe push to push it to the repository.

Octo.exe pack:

Octo.exe push:

I would recommend you to set this build event only for the Release configuration, so it doesn’t run every single time you run a Debug build locally.

Hope that helps,

Thanks Dalmiro. I am able to achieve this now using post build events and powershell. Thanks for your help.

Glad to hear that.