You've hit the maximum number of Spaces

Hi all

Today I wanted to add a new space to our on premise Octopus Server. But I can’t :frowning:.
An “UNLOCK MORE SPACES” button is shown with the notification “You’ve hit the maximum number of Spaces.”

Currently we have two spaces (besides the Default space) and we have a license for 20 nodes --> Imho we should get unlimited spaces.

Am I wrong or is this a bug?

We are running Octopus 2019.9.2 atm.

Kind regards
Maurus Erni

Hi @Maurus!

Thanks for getting in touch - we did change this as part of our licensing updates in September 2019. If you would like to drop us an email at with a copy of your license key, we’ll generate a new one for you with unlimited spaces.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Hi Justin

Thanks for the fast response. As suggested, I just sent the email to support.
It would be great to get an information about this issue somewhere in your documentation or on the pricing page.


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