Your domain model is not in line with azure deployments


I have just set up a Azure deployment. What I have noticed is that you have the configuration for target environment in the Azure step instead of letting the user create an environment targeting different azure web sites or cloud services.

The problem is that I always need to edit my step every time I need to deploy to a different environment. How are you planning to handle this in the future?

For me it´s important to be able to visualize which version is running in which environment.

Best regards
Mattias Hägerstrand

Hi Mattias,

The idea is that you would define a variable (e.g., named
"AzureTargetEnvironment"), and give it a different value for each
environment (e.g., “Staging” for your Staging environment, “Production” for
your Production environment). Then, in your Azure step definition, instead
of typing “Staging” or “Production”, type “#{AzureTargetEnvironment}”. This
way you don’t need to edit the step definition before each deployment.

Hope that helps,


Paul Stovell
Octopus Deploy
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