Your cloudformation step ignores the parameters file

Hi I am trying to deploy a cloudformation template.

Your builtin step acts as if no parameters file is specified, even when there is one. This obviously causes the deployment to fail, since my template needs the paramaters file to work.

I have checked the obvious:

  • the parameter file is in the package.
  • the parameter file in the package works from the command line (aws powershell on my computer).

I logged onto my octopus master, looked at the work directory where it extracted the package to. There is a file called bootstrap.ps1 (which your software creates). It has an if/else block that starts the Calamari.Aws.exe program and passes in a commandline argument called “-templateParameters” and its value is “” (blank). Even though I am specify a paratmeter file in my process.

Please don’t ask me to provide you with logs unless you are unable to reproduce. I have looked at them and there is nothing usefull. The bug is very obvious if you simply try to deploy a cloudformation template with a parameters file. It will be ignored. (run on the octopus master, not on behalf of any roles, use a template file from a package).

(this is using the most recent version of octopus, downloaded today).

Hi, thanks for reaching out.

I’m sorry to hear that this bug has affected you. We can reproduce this bug, and have created an issue at to resolve it. I expect a fix this will be rolled out with the next version of Octopus.


Hey. Thanks for the quick response. Glad to know it was straight forward. Let me know if we can help provide assistance.

I just wanted to confirm that the latest release 2018.3.7 has resolved this problem for us, and everything is working as expected.

Thank you for the quick and painless support regarding this, and thank you for the feature!

Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad to hear the issue has been resolved.

Matthew Casperson