. You won't be able to restore this data without a copy of your Octopus master key

Recently we upgraded to Octopus version # 3.13.8 , since that time we are having issue with Configuration >>> Backup

i am seeing the below error

Certain data in your Octopus Deploy database, such as sensitive variables and passwords for NuGet feeds, is encrypted. You won’t be able to restore this data without a copy of your Octopus master key.

Please help me on this

Hi @venkatasiva2603!

Thanks for reaching out, thankfully this message is just a warning/reminder to always backup your master key, since it is needed in the event of a data restoration. This shows to everyone and isn’t a misconfiguration or error with your particular install.

I hope this helps, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.

Hi Justin,

We upgraded our octopus server to # 3.13.8 6 months ago. we have the master key with us. do we need to take the latest Database and restore again the same database using master key will resolve this issue.?

Hi @venkatasiva2603!

There shouldn’t be any need to do any restoration, the Configuration -> Backup screen is unused in the later versions (after we switched the database backend from RavenDB to MSSQL). We no longer schedule backups through this page, as your normal SQL server backups should be extended to this database. You are safe to ignore this warning on this page - we will be removing this in later versions of Octopus to avoid this confusion.

For specifics on backing up your modern version on Octopus, please see https://octopus.com/docs/administration/data/backup-and-restore