XCopy Deploy questions

I have an windows app which is a simple xcopy deployment, problem is I have about 50 clients which I have to update. Will OD help me?

here are some of the issues:
1.) Clients are on network, but not on domain, so static IP addresses only; no names.
2.) The app.exe.config has several settings which are client based. Can I use parameters to write the config
3.) Is there a way that I can use a xml data file for the client data?
xcopy \server\share\app\version c:\app /s /e /v


Where the Param is an app.exe.config setting
4.) Is exe is running, it will need to be terminated, deployed and then restarted. (Pretty sure power shell can help here)

The entire deployment would need to
A: Update SQL Server database
B: Build and deploy/update IIS WebServices
C: Build and deploy/update windows application


Thanks for getting in touch! Octopus can definitely help you and I would highly recommend you start with our Getting Started guide. It might take a bit of time but it will help you take full advantage of Octopus.

Octopus agents (aka Tentacles) don’t require you to have a domain so IP address is all you need. Also Octopus fully supports .NET config files. Per client configuration can handled by using Multitenancy but this is something I would leave until you have a solution that works with one client.

Regarding your specific workflow, Octopus supports deployment of database changes and we have dedicated steps for both IIS and Windows Services.

Please let me know how you go.