Wrong packages being deployed

On the most recent, and first deployment to the production environment, I had some serious issues. For each project, I have multiple duplicate steps, with the difference between the step being the Role, and the Nuget repo. When I create a release, each step pulls from its respective environment’s distro (we do config transforms in the build environment). When the project is deployed, I don’t skip any steps, relying on the environment I’m deploying to, plus the role, to determine if a particular step applies to the server. If a step doesn’t apply to the environment receiving the package, it is skipped. This all seemed to go swimmingly in test, but on the production deploy, we ended up test and dev configs all over production. I went back and double checked all the steps and logs, but everything looks fine. The packages stored on the octopus server look to be correct, but what ends up on the server isn’t the correct version. All of the nuget version numbers are the same, so maybe it is getting confused there? Any ideas what happened?

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for letting me know, this should now be fixed in the 1.2 release of Octopus.


Great. Thanks Paul.