Wrong Nuget package acquired

I saw a strange behavior where a negut package from a skipped step was downloaded. I’m running version

Steps to reproduce…

  1. Have two steps that use two different nuget packages.
  2. Have one of the steps environments section setup to not include the environment you are deploying too.
  3. Select the step that is in the environment you are deploying too and skip the other step.
  4. Execute the deploy.
  5. Look at the logs for when it acquires the packages and you’ll see that it gets both packages even when you skipped the other step.

Not a common setup, but I ran across this by accident when I selected the wrong environment for one of our steps.

Hi Dan - thanks for letting us know. I think we have fixed this in 2.1 - upgrading would be a big improvement from 2.0.10 if you’re able to.


I would love to upgrade to 2.1, but I think it would be best if I wait for the official release. We are just starting to use Octo in our UAT and PROD environments and if something goes wrong, it would be really bad. So, I’ll be patient and wait for the official release.

This isn’t an issue for us, so I’m not to worried about it. Thanks!