Wrong list of tickets in Jira integration

Hi, I faced a very strange issue - after my release was deployed, it updated a whole bunch of tickets instead of just one which was mentioned in the BuildInfo.
It looks like that in the release:
But in the deployment I see quite a long list of updated tickets:
“Sending deployment data to Jira for deployment Deployments-19030, to prod ****(production) with state in_progress for issue keys DAE-2904,DAE-3200,DAE-3315,DAE-3348,DAE-3427,DAE-3473,DAE-3511,DAE-3539,DAE-3634,DAE-4051”
Can someone help me with it, I don’t get from where octopus takes all these ticket IDs

Hey Timur,

Thanks for reaching out and all of the info and screenshot.

I think what may be happening here is rolled up changes since your last deploy to that environment. Can you please take a look at the deployment page for that task and on the right side you should see a list of changes. Are all of them there as well?

Please let me know.


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Thanks Jeremy, I can see that the list includes changes from the previous couple of releases which haven’t been deployed to production, now it makes sense

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You’re very welcome!

Thanks for letting me know.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, and I hope you have a great rest of your week.


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