Wrong IP Addresses


We are running an Octopus Cloud Server instance. This morning, this instance started attempting to connect to some of our targets from the IP address This address is not in the list of static IP addresses for our instance, which I have checked on the server’s details page. The full list is thus:

The last on that list is the block of IP addresses which Octopus has previously advised we should whitelist for access for the new system of addresses that Octopus Cloud is moving to, and I understand that the other IP addresses should be removed at a certain point in the future, but as they still remain in the static IP address list for the server, we have not removed them yet.

The IP address that Octopus is using, though, is not in that list, either as a single address or within the final block. We have allowed that IP address to connect to our testing environment, but I am currently unwilling to allow it to connect to our production environment without confirming that it is, indeed, an Octopus Cloud Server IP address.

Can you advise why we are seeing this IP address in use by what is apparently Octopus Cloud?

Hi @inv-services,

Apologies for the inconvenience here. The work being carried out to change the cloud instances from using the entire IP pool to the single range ( has somehow caused an unexpected IP address ( to be used.

Our engineers are in the process of moving any affected instances back to the original reef, so, if you are blocked at the moment then temporarily whitelisting would be the quickest way to get back up and running.
It should be safe to remove that IP again after a day or so.


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