Write package deletion to the audit log

Looking in Octopus today I found that 2 days ago I uploaded a package and this morning it wasn’t there.
After some head scratching someone pointed out that the Package Repository Retention was set to 1 day.
My first port of call though was to check the audit log. I could see the package being added but no sign of it being cleaned up.
Having also manually deleted a package just now I’ve noticed that package deletes aren’t written to the Audit log.
Is this something you would be able to implement (assuming there’s not a reason it’s explicitly not writing to the audit log)?


Thanks for reaching out. Repository Retention executions are logged in the Audit log. You should be able to see them if you filter by task type “Retention” and then click on one of the tasks (see attached screenshots).

RE manually package deletion, I’m gonna bring this up to the team to see if we should track it or not. If we decide we should, I’ll update this thread with the github issue link.