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Just today I’ve started having an issue where I can’t deploy anything in my Octopus Cloud account. The Acquire Packages step is failing (I’ve tried one two different releases, and now have done a retry on one of them), with the following error:

The delegate executed through TimeoutPolicy did not complete within the timeout.

That comes after a bunch of attempts to lease a worker.

Can you please let me know what could be causing this? It’s a big blocker for me.

I did also just send an email to support, but then thought I may be better putting it up here instead. I can’t see any way to provide an attachment, let me know if you want me to somehow send a screenshot of the log.


Hi Bron,

Thanks for getting in touch!

It looks like our Worker provisioning is having issues at the moment. We’ve notified our Cloud engineers and they are looking into it.
We’ll respond to your email once we have more information.


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