Windows WPF Desktop App Deployment

I need help\support to understand whether Octopus support below features or not, as based on the online material it looks like it support only windows services and ASP.Net app deployment.

  • Deploy the Windows Desktop App written in WPF (C#) and Windows Service written in
    C# on VM
  • Run the Desktop app and services deployed on VM’s
  • Run the Automation(UI automation and stress testing automation for 4 hrs) on VM’s for
    Desktop app and services deployed above
  • Send back the automation result to Jenkins, once automation is completed

Any document elaborating the steps to achieve above TO DO list would be helpful.


Thanks for reaching out!

While Octopus doesn’t have first class support for WPF applications or automation testing we are able to accomodate anything that you can script in any of our supported languages (Powershell, C#, F# and Bash). We don’t have any exact documentation available for your scenarios either, however in rough terms I would be looking at the following:

  • to deploy your app you need to have it in a format that Octopus recognises, in your case ingesting it as a ZIP file would probably be your best option
  • Once you have the ZIP file you can then use our built in deployments steps to deploy the application and services
  • You should be able to call your WPF app via a script (Powershell for example), however you may want to look at running your Tentacle as a specific user account so that the application can launch correctly.
  • As for automation testing and results reporting, again this will need to be called/executed via a script, potentially using our API and/or integrations frameworks.

I hope this helps,


Thanks Alex For Your Inputs.

We have WPF application, and after building this app, we are creating setup.exe using install shield.

If jenkins is giving setup.exe as output, then how can we can transfer the setup.exe to Octopus and deploy\install the setup.exe on QA environment.

I tried using this step

This was working fine for MSI, but for setup.exe created using install shield, it is not working.

Can you please guide me as what would be the best practice to copy the setup.exe from Jenkins to Octopus, and required command to install it to QA environment ?

Thanks & Regards,


Hi @Shahajahan,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Can you let me know if this issue is still outstanding or if you have worked our a solution.

Thanks @Shahajahan, I look forward to hearing from you shortly,