Windows users from child domain don't get rights when their AD group added to a Team

Hello! Evaluating the latest version of Octopus ( that is available for download.

We have a North American domain (eg: COMPANY.COM) and a child domain for our European offices (EUROPE.COMPANY.COM). We have an AD group called RELEASE MANAGEMENT and our European team members are part of this group.

I’ve created a team on Octopus Server called “Release Management” and added the AD group RELEASE MANAGEMENT to it. The North American folks can get in no issues, but the European team folks who are part of the AD group do not flow through, I have to add them explicitly to the Octopus team.

Bug or something we need to do on the AD side to make this work?


Thanks for getting in touch! We have customers working with configurations just like yours, and it works fine for them without making any changes on Octopus. Seems to be something on AD side, but i cant think of what right now.

Sorry i have to give you this crappy “Not our fault” answer :frowning:


Hi Dalmiro,

“Seems to be something on AD side, but i cant think of what right now.”

Any chance you might be able to think of it later and let us know? We’re OK for now, as our initial team is small, but this could become an issue for the future.


Hi - I definitely will ask the team if they can come up with an idea of why this might be happening.

I’ll get back to you if something comes up

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for taking so long to reply. I’ve discussed this with the team and it turns out its sort of a bug on our end. Right now Octopus relies on windows to figure out on which domain we should be looking for the users. For this particular case, we should modify our code to actively look for your European users on your trusted domain.

I’ve created a github issue for this, and related it another issue that might be the cause of this behavior

For now you’re gonna have to add those users manually. Really sorry dragging you through that annoying process.



Dalmiro, thanks for the update! It’s not too many for now, and we love the tool for everything else. Thank you.