Windows Service step failing the deploy

we recently upgraded to of octopus and I wanted to try the new windows service deploy step. I have attached my setup and the resulting error. It looks like octopus is trying to attach the windows service to the deployment path before the path is actually created.



Hi Kirk,

At the point the failure is being logged, the files from the package should all be present on the machine. Is it possible there’s a typo in the executable name? If not, it would be interesting to take a look at the path that’s logged in the error message and see if the file is there, and if not, where it has landed.

You mentioned a /bin path in your other message; if the executable is in the package under /bin you need to specify this in the “Executable path” property.

If you can capture a raw deployment log (link in my other response), that might help turn up some clues if nothing else does.

Best regards,

actually I believe the issue is our nuspec files for nuget always put deployed files in a /content folder under the base deployment folder, so I assume in this case that the executablepath should be: “content/mailqueueprocessor.exe”? instead of just “mailqueueprocessor.exe”.