Windows Service running with local machine account

Is there a point and click way to deploy a Windows Service and create a local service account (if it doesn’t exist). Is there also a simple point and click/sample for granting rights to that account to a SQLServer database? (given the octopus deploy tenticle account has access to the database or SQL credientials are available to grant those rights). Before I go writing scripts it would be better if there was a way to do it that was easy to explain and maintain by others. Thanks.

Hi Greg,

I’m sorry, but there are no point and click ways to creating local service accounts or granting SQL Server database rights within Octopus Deploy currently.

We do have a Step Template for executing SQL scripts on a SQL Server (!/step-template/actiontemplate-sql-execute-script), that you could use to grant a user access to your SQL Server database.

But for creating a local service account, you’d have write a custom PowerShell script.

Hope that helps!