Windows service deployment question

We have an odd scenario where the same window service will be installed on a given machine multiple times due to multiple customers.
The only thing different is the transforms/configuration/installation path. So the question is how do you vary the service name / service display text in Octopus so that you know which service is which in control panel?

Hi, thanks for the question.

When you configure the Windows Service feature in Octopus, you can just type in a different service name. For example:

 App1 package: 
   Service name: MyService$App1
 App2 package:
   Service name: MyService$App2

(The $ separator is just a convention that is used by some products when they install multiple instances of the same service - SQL Server does this for example. What you name them is totally up to you of course)

Hope that helps, let me know if anything isn’t clear!