Windows Service Config. Transforms Not Working

I am having trouble getting configuration transforms to work for a windows service.

My service is named in this format XYZ.Logging.Service and the .exe file is XYZ.Logging.Service.exe.

My defined environment in Octopus deploy is called INT and I have added a file to the root of my project in VS2013 called XYZ.Logging.Service.exe.INT.config. I have set this file to Build Action = Content and Copy To Output Directory = Copy If Newer.

I have also enabled the feature to perform configuration transforms.

When the release runs I get a message of “Looking for any configuration transformation files” but nothing else is reported and the files are not transformed.

I’m guessing that this is some sort of file naming issue. I’ve believe that I have followed the instructions here but I still cannot see what I am doing wrong.

Would appreciate any help to get this working.


Please disregard. This was because I had not set my transforms to the same name as my environments. Now I have fixed this it seems to be working perfectly.