Why would a machine having warnings mean it's available for deployment?


The event group ‘Machine becomes available for deployment’ includes the sub events ‘Machine enabled’ and ‘Machine found healthy’, which both make sense as situations where you would want to deploy.

But it also includes the sub event ‘Machine found to have warnings’. I don’t quite understand the thinking behind this - if a machine was healthy and now has a warning, why would we want to redeploy?


Hi Taran,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I can see why this would be confusing, the thinking here is that since you can add custom code to our health checks there are scenarios where you can set up checks that can trigger deployments when the conditions are met. For example, you can have powershell that is checking for certain services to be available on machines, and when they fail they can mark the machine is unhealthy, which could then trigger a deployment to the machines to re-deploy the affected service.

A fairly rare use case, but one that is useful to have available if you need it.

Hope that helps, please let me know there is anything else that I can assist with!


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