Why is Acquire Packages listed last?

I’m using this

#{each step in Octopus.Step}
  #{if step.Status.Code}
    <li>#{step | HtmlEscape} &mdash; <strong>#{step.Status.Code}</strong></li>

And I see this when a deployment fails

1.	Authorize Deployment — Skipped
2.	Get DataIntegration Package — Abandoned
blah blah blah
14.	Email on Success — Abandoned
15.	Email on Failure — Running
16.	Acquire Packages — Failed

Why is Acquire Packages listed last when it’s the first step the deploy does? It’s just a little annoying because some people who aren’t that familiar with Octopus don’t bother to read all the way down the actual Failure. A training issue, obviously but still it would be better if the steps were listed in the correct order.


Thanks for reaching out. I brought this issue to the team and had someone check the code behind it. It looks like changing the logic to have that step showing up at the top would break quite a few things and wouldn’t be an easy change. You could work around it by using the below code in your email so that step shows up at the top:

Please let me know if that workaround works for you.

While for the time being we don’t consider this is worth changing (as the above workaround exists), of course that could change if enough users in the community feel this is something they need. Please feel free to create a Uservoice suggestion to get this behavior changed.

Best regards,

A little awkward, but good enough. Thanks.