Why do deployments to different targets queue?


As a part of our automation of standing up new EC2 windows servers within auto scaling groups, each new instance will run a PowerShell script that uses octo.exe to kick-off 4 different deployments (a, b, c & d). The octo.exe uses deploy-release to deploy to only that deployment target. In other words, target machine 1 deploys “a” to itself and target machine 2 deploys “a” to itself. Likewise for b, c and d.

However, when I look at these deployment tasks, “a” for target 2 queues up behind “a” for target 1. Likewise for the other deployment tasks. Why? The “a” deployments are going to different targets and can in no way interfere with each other.

I would like to make whatever change is possible to allow all these deployments (a, b, c & d) to deploy in parallel for every target machine launched by the auto scaling group. Is that possible? How?

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Hi @bob.hardister,

Thanks for reaching out with your question.

I’ve attempted to reproduce this behavior on my end but could not cause anything definitive. Could you provide a copy of your Process JSON in order for me to more accurately reproduce the behavior?

You can find the Download as JSON button here:

You may upload the process here, PM me directly or upload via this secure link.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.


Hi Garrett, I’ve posted this on the Octopus Slack #advice channel as well. The reply there from Ryan suggest that Octopus cannot deploy the same release to the same environment/tenant at the same time. Is that the case? See https://octopususergroup.slack.com/archives/C6UGLUWMQ/p1624298384136800?thread_ts=1624294553.136200&cid=C6UGLUWMQ

For example: at the same time, my automation triggers:

  • Project = V2, Release = 21168.2, Env = Stage, Tenant = Y, Machine = Machines-7229
  • Project = V2, Release = 21168.2, Env = Stage, Tenant = Y, Machine = Machines-7227

Even though they are different targets and cannot interfere with each other, Octopus queues one behind the other instead of running them in parallel.

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