Why can't I deploy to a specific environment in Octopus Deploy?

I have a release, 1.1.21 which needs to go to Production right now. I can’t wait for it to deploy to Test and Staging. Why doesn’t the deploy button appear for Production for 1.1.21? It appears for 1.1.20.

By default, all environments are required. That configuration can be changed in the library -> lifecycles page. In my case, all phases of the lifecycle are required.

It is possible to change Test and Staging to optional.

That will allow 1.1.21 to skip Test and Staging.

If you do not see phases in your lifecycle, then Octopus is using conventions for your deployments. You will need to override the conventions and add each phase manually.

This change has several ramifications though. Effectively, this now means Test and Staging are no longer required. Ever. This is not an approach we recommend. We have another knowledge base article which covers our recommendations.