Where are release packages pulled from?

Hi there,

Scenario: TeamCity Integration with Octopus.
Build Step 1 - creates a NuGet package and artifact is available through TC NuGet server.
Step 2 - create release in Octopus via TC Plugin
Step 3 - deploy newly created release via TC Plugin

This all works absolutely fine with no errors.
I noticed that the web.config was not updating when i made a change however.
After a lot of investigating and looking through the forums it looks like the wrong package is being linked to the release in step 2.

It probably is my own fault as i created a new project in TeamCity for the same project in Octopus and it looks like step 2 is creating the release using the “latest” build version which would have been for the old project, v1.0.360 for example, but i would like it to use the latest version in my new TC project v1.0.6.

So my question is where do the created releases pull which package to use from?

Hope that makes sense…


Hi Ashley,

Please ignore my previous response to this thread that you would have received. I had an almost identical support email and got the two confused.
The issue is that your old project has a higher version than the new and using latest (which is default) uses version numbers and not dates.
To fix this issue you can specify the build number in your create release command --packageversion=%build.number%

Hope this helps, and sorry for any confusion!

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for the reply, i fixed by changing the count number in teamcity in the end so it was higher than the value of the previous project.

Does your fix help when deploying from TeamCity using the Octo plugins, we deploy quite frequently and wouldn’t want to have to amend the command line every time you see.


Hi Ashley,

You can use the packageversion flag under your release build runner, in the ‘additional command line arguments’ field.
As seen in the following documentation, a bit down the page under "triggering deployments from Team City"


Aha! Perfectimo! Thanks Vanessa thats exactly what i was after :slight_smile:
Thank you so much!