When will we need to update Tentacles?

I have noticed that with all the updates to Octopus Server 3.0.X, I haven’t yet been prompted to update Tentacles. I understand that this should be a much less common event, since the scripts are now sent from the server to the Tentacles. Even still, the Tentacle versions listed on the website continue to keep in step with the server versions. That means that my Tentacles are now “out of date”, even if there were no significant (or any?) changes besides raising the version number. Will I be notified in the UI when it is time to update the Tentacles?

Hi Lonevvolf,

You’re right - so far, we haven’t had to change anything in Tentacle so there’s no reason to upgrade. When 3.1 ships, there will be a Tentacle upgrade. We’re going to make this transparent similar to Calamari updates, except for some environments which you’ll be able to make it a manual trigger.