When to use a script module, when to use a step template

Hello, I’m new to OD, and am starting to put some scripting into the tool. However, I’m wondering whether I should be adding scripts as modules, or step templates. What is the basic rule of thumb?

Hi Rich,

Thanks for getting in touch! A script module would include a re-usable PowerShell function that you would want available for a number of steps in a project (it is made available to all).
A step template would allow you to create a step/script that is re-usable that you would like to use at specific points in a project but not available to all steps in the project.
That is the main difference really from a scripting perspective.

We will be adding some documentation about script modules very shortly as we currently don’t have any.

Hope that helps!

I’m also having a hard time deciding whether to create my scripts as a ‘script module’ or a ‘step template’.

Maybe it’ll become clear down the track, but up-front it’s quite unclear.

I’m leaning towards 'step template’s since they have the ‘Usage’ feature to give us visibility of where the code is being used.


We made the following document about script modules: http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/Script+Modules . It should be good enough to serve as a starting point.

Peter & Rich: If you want, explain us a bit the scenario where you want to use Powershell and we’ll give you a hand deciding whether to use Standalone scripts, Script modules or Step templates.



Got it…Makes sense now, especially now that I’m using the product more. Thanks!