When is v 2.0 expected to be released?


We are waiting for some of the new features in Octopus Deploy 2.0. When is that planned for release? Is it available as a beta-download somewhere?



Thanks for the interest. We’re hoping to release a beta during October, so nothing is ready for testing as of yet.


is the beta Available?


Chalk me up as another party interested in a Beta :slight_smile:

+1 if you need testers for the beta
eager to use it!

+1 - i’m happy to test also. Problem with volunteers is triaging of “existing bugs”. So not sure if we’d be adding to a possible mess.

Do you have any more details about the Features you plan to release with Version 2.0?

+1 it would be great to have a look at v 2.0 roadmap

Hey thom and raffaeu,

The Octopus 2.0 trello may help ya: https://trello.com/b/iXxdTj9B/octopus-2-0

Cheers, Alex

Oh that’s great Alex, I will have a look right away! :slight_smile:

My personal favourite is “Pull deployments”, I can’t wait for V2!

I posted an update here:


The public beta of 2.0 is available here:


Hey Paul, we absolutely LOVE version 2, you guys have done an amazing job! We gained several hours a week since we started using Octopus a few months ago.