When clicking on a release, Octopus hangs for long time

Hello support,

We are working with Octopus Deploy and our Nuget server is JFrog’s Artifactory.
In one of our Octopus Servers (we have several) we found it takes a very long time to upload a release page (almost for every release, almost each time) - more than 5 minutes, on our other severs no more than several seconds. Same process, same Nuget feed (Artifactory) - Just a different server. Why does this takes so long to upload the release? And how can we address this problem?

Thanks very much,

One small difference that we have between the environments…

We use https in the slow environment and http where it goes fast between the Octopus Server and the Artifactory, I don’t know if this information is significant


Hi Eran,

In 2.6 it’s difficult to say what the problem might be. I guess you might not want to hear this, but is there any chance you could upgrade to a more recent version of Octopus? A few things that would help in the latest versions:

  • We spent a lot of time on performance for 3.0, so the problem may already be fixed
  • We added HTTP logging, so we can see exactly which API request is taking the longest

You could try running something like Fiddler on the Octopus server to see if it’s the request to Artifactory that is taking a long time.

Hope this helps,

Paul Stovell