What is the meaning of the three dashboard green colors status

When I’m in the dashboard, there’s three green colors indicating different status. We tried hard to figure out what’s the meaning but without results.

Thank you for clarifying this for me.


Thanks for getting in touch! The colors on the dashboard represent the status of deployments. There are a few more than three :slight_smile:
Solid green is a successful deployment, green with a white warning icon is a successful deployment with warnings, black is a timed our or cancelled deployment and red is a failed deployment or a deployment with errors.
Orange is a deployment that requires intervention. Spinning blue is a deployment in progress.

Hope that helps!

I’m talking about the green colors only.

Thank you!


Thanks for providing the screenshot and context :slight_smile:
The colors indicate the relevance of a release to an environment. So in your example for that environment the current release is 15460.2. As15460.1 was released to that environment, but has now been potentially overwritten by the most current release, it was successful but is less relevant for that project in that environment. It is a visual way to see what is most current release on each environment - most recent. And as releases get deployed they start to fade in color.
Strongest green = current release, intermediate is previous and then the most faded green is older than current or previous.

Does that make sense?