What happened to v3.5.0?

v3.5.0 was available end of last week. But now its gone. What happened? We already installed it in our QA environment? Was there a major problem that warranted a “recall” of the version?

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for reaching out. We had to pull that release out of rotation because a limited amount of users reported some problems logging in after upgrading to 3.5.0. If you are not having this issue, you should be ok.

We’ll be releasing 3.5.1 with a fix for that issue most likely tomorrow morning. I encourage you to upgrade to that version when it is out.

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Great thanks for the quick reply!

Is there a good way we can stay updated on those situations?

Hi - We are working to expose this in a more obvious way to users when it happens. Next time we’ll most likely tell everyone about it in our twitter account. On that twitter account we also notify every time we release a new version, so I definitely recommend you to take that as your main source of notifications.

If the release is tied to a blog post (like in this case for 3.5.0), we’ll also notify it in there like we did this time: https://octopus.com/blog/octopus-deploy-3.5

BTW - 3.5.1 is out so I definitely recommend you to upgrade to it :slight_smile:


Sadly we don’t have access to social media at work :frowning:

Anyway we can subscribe to some sort of email list? Is there a way of getting an email for new blog posts?

Also along those lines, I don’t see any blog post stating that v3.5.0 was pulled?

Thanks for the update on v3.5.1!

Glad to hear you are on 3.5.1 already :slight_smile:

Your best bet will be to sign up to our RSS feed (see screenshot).

We added a not saying we took 3.5.0 down on the 3.5 Release blog post: https://octopus.com/blog/octopus-deploy-3.5

Perfect thanks! One last question!

Is there a dedicated RSS feed for releases also? For the ones that don’t warrant blog posts, like bug fixing releases? I looked to see if GitHub had a RSS feed for milestones but i didn’t fine one. :frowning:

Hi Stephen,

I brought this discussion to the team and we decided to create a github issue to get an RSS for out patch releases in place: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/2912


Great! Thanks Dalmiro!

That would be super helpful! I already got the Blog feed and version feed in Outlook already. Will this functionality be a new feed or will it be added to the existing version feed?

99% sure It’ll be added to the existing one. But just to be safe, subscribe to the github issue I mentioned above just so you get an email when we add a note to it explaining how we’ll make it work :slight_smile: