What happened to release 2018.3.5

What happened to release 2018.3.5? There were several fixes in that release I have been waiting for. Are they included in 2018.3.6? If so, they are not listed in the release notes.

Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry for the confusion.

We had to pull the 2018.3.5 release as we had introduced a bug that broke anyone upgrading directly from a 3.x release. We’ve resolved that issue in 2018.3.6, which also includes all of the fixes in 2018.3.5 (we just hadn’t updated the tags for those issues to reflect the pulled release).

We’ve retagged the fixes now so that they appear on the release notes for 2018.3.6, please let me know if you are missing anything that you were expecting.

Again, sorry for the confusion here.