Weird nuget package id generated

I am using xaml build defintions and have setup auto incrementing the versions by reading the assembly info files.
My problem is, the version number generated by my build definition is exactly what I want as the nuget package id, but somehow 5 characters are appended to my nuget package id which is unwanted.

Eg: In the tfs logs I see the version generated is which is correct, but finally when the nuget package is pushed on octopus server it has id I am not sure where this “C7493” is coming from. This randomly generated and appended to my generated version everytime I do msbuild.


Thank you for getting in touch. The bit after the - is called the nuget prerelease tag. To help get to the bottom of this:

  1. How are you generating the nuget package? (ie OctoPack, octo.exe or nuget.exe?)
  2. Does the filename of the nuget package (before pushing to Octopus) include the tag?
  3. Open up the nuget package using a Zip manager (eg rename to .zip) and look at the .nuspec file inside that. Does the Version element (or other elements) contain the tag?
  4. What library is generating the version number? Does it work by modifying the Assembly*Version attributes in code files?
  5. Do you have a AssemblyInformationalVersion attribute defined in the project?
  6. Could you send me what the AssemblyFileVersion, AssemblyVersion and similar attributes are before and after TFS does the substitution (These are usually in an AssemblyInfo.cs file?
  7. Could you please send me the log of the build showing the substitution and the push to octopus.


Robert W