Weird error: "release already exists" when it does not

I have set up a TeamCity build that pushes a package to Octopus, then creates a release and deploys it.
It usually works.

However, I have an occasionally reccurring problem. I get a red build in TeamCity and the error is similar to this:
“Release ‘60.0.81’ already exists for this project. Please use a different version, or look at using a mask to auto-increment the number.”

The strange things are

  1. The release 60.0.81 does not yet exist. I can easily confirm that using the Octopus GUI. 60.0.80 exists, but not 60.0.81
  2. Just as the error advices, I already have set an auto incrementing version template, the standard one “#{Octopus.Version.LastMajor}.#{Octopus.Version.LastMinor}.#{Octopus.Version.NextPatch}”

So what gives?

Hi Klas,

Thanks for getting in touch! It looks like you are having an interesting issue. Am I able to get a few more bit of information from you?

  1. Deployment Logs attached (
  2. What Octopus version are you using?
  3. Screen shot of the ‘project process page’ where it shows the Lifecycle.

With these I can hopefully get to the bottom of this with you :slight_smile:


Sorry for not getting back sooner. This is no longer an issue for us.