Website/IIS convention

Hi, I am currently trying to set up a project where the web server for two logical environments (Test and UAT - one for testers, one for user acceptance testers) are on the same physical box but under two different websites.

The convention does not allow for this so I assume I need to bypass it and get a deploy powershell script to run to configure the website based on “environment”. Is that correct?


As of the current release that is correct.

In the next release (out by Monday next week) it will change. You’ll be able to apply a variable to your package called ‘OctopusWebSite’, and you can associate this with an environment. Octopus will use that value to override the default convention when searching for a website.

So if possible, it may be best to wait for that release - it will make things much easier. Otherwise, PowerShell is the way to go.

Hope that helps,