WebJob Deploy with Octopus 3

I’m trying to deploy an Azure Web job with the Octopus 3 preview bits and having some issues getting the files in the correct location.
I’ve hooked up my Azure account and can successfully authenticate and connect.
I’ve added a “Deploy a NuGet package” step and added the extra feature "Custom installation Directory"
I set this (as per http://blog.amitapple.com/post/74215124623/deploy-azure-webjobs) to site\wwwroot\App_Data\jobs\continuous\testjob

The deployment step succeeds, however places the content of the nuget package inside the site\wwwroot directory which is the incorrect location for a web job.

Anyone had success deploying webjobs?

Hi Luke,

Thanks for getting in touch! We have a support forum for 3.0 which you can find here: http://community.octopusdeploy.com/
We are trying to keep released Octopus issues separate from 3.0 pre-release issues.
The devs are also constantly checking and answering questions and issues on that forum.

So if you could please sign up over there and post your issue they can help you out.