Web Transforms are not picking

Hi Guys,
I have an asp.net website which has 4 web transforms files for each environment (DV,QA,TR and PR). I am using teamcity and Octopus for build and release of the solution. My problem is that the package created by Octopack doesn’t have any of my web transforms other than debug and release. I tried to set the “Copy to Output Directory” property of the files (all web transform) to “Copy if newer” but all the transforms files are copied to the bin folder in the package. I need these config files at the root folder of my website so that Octopus can perform transformation depending on the environment. Can someone please help me on this.
Solution: asp.net MVC5
OctoPack Version : 3.0.41

Hi Peter,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
What you are looking for is to set the Build Action to Content as shown on this page:

Hope that helps!