Web Portal Bindings using Netscaler

We currently have the Octopus web portal installed ( version v2018.8.12 - we are upgrading soon) on a single web server. Users currently access Octopus using the Octopus webserver name in the URL (http://servername.domain/octopus). That is the value that is also set in the Octopus Manager. Before we upgrade to a new version of Octopus Deploy, we are want to setup a URL in our Citrix Netscaler over https. The Netscaler will handle and terminate HTTPS before forwarding on the request to the Octopus Web server. So if we setup something like https://apps.domain.com/OctopusDeploy in the Netscaler:

What changes do I need to make in the Octopus Portal/Manager for Octopus for this?
Also, how do I get the new URL listed in the deployment emails that are sent?

Thanks for your help

Hi Steven,
Thanks for reaching out. So glad you asked the question! In short, your Octopus Portal configuration should match that of your Netscaler Configuration.

Here’s our documentation that provides the necessary steps to Expose Octopus Portal over HTTPS and for making the new URL publicly-available for use in email notifications.

I hope this helps and please do let me know if you have further questions or concerns.

Kind Regards,

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